Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Walk for Animals - PRE Walk (#9.1)

I may be at work right now with hot chocolate I found in the work kitchen that may or may not be from the 1990's... but damn, it's still good!
BUT, nothing  - not even the fact that it's MAY today and it's snowing out - can squash my mood for the Walk for Animals this Saturday benefiting the Animal Humane Society!

 Our Team, "Gunnie's Pack" is in 6th place overall! We are walking in honor of our friend's yellow lab, Gunner, who passed away suddenly last year at a very young age. Dash and Gunner were friends and this was a hard loss. If anyone has "furbabies"- it is like a child loss...

This was part of my "Thirty Before Thirty" list as I have a goal to raise money for a variety of charities, and I am SO proud about this one!

We are SO happy to help other "furry friends" in need with our team this year - we even have TEAM SHIRTS! :) (Pics to come soon!)

We walked last year with Dash and had a blast - we raised $250 in 2012 and this year I set my goal at $500!

And last week we met that goal!! Now we even are OVER our goal!
You can still donate! Click HERE

Here are some fun photos from our team last year!

Last year, it was such a FUN day even though it was chilly and wet! AND it just so happens, that is the forecast for this Saturday's 2013Walk is pretty much the exact same - 44 and raining. Wet dogs anyone? :)
Either way I am SO excited!! Can't wait to take Griffin to this and see all of the furbabies of every shape and size! Yes, people even put cats on leashes and put rabbits and birds in wagons and strollers... there is something of an art to "people watching" at the Walk for Animals! :)
I will update after the Walk next week!! Thanks again to everyone for your support!!
Catch ya later,

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  1. We were in 7th place last night... need to finish strong.