Tuesday, May 28, 2013

(#2) Top Gun Pedal Pub

Hey Justin! Thanks for being born and turning 30. Thanks for having an awesome wife who plans a surprise 30th Birthday party on a pedal pub. And for making it Top Gun-themed.
That rocked my socks!
AND!! I just completed #2 on my "30 before 30" list! Yahoo!
This was definitely in the "DANGER ZONE" for TOO much fun! So, I will just try and post some of my favorite photos from this hilarious 2-hour experience.
Top 5 Fav Moments:
1. Our driver, Destiny, was AWESOME ("D-Box" -- not "Chow-Box", J!!)
2. Justin, when you came into the apt and saw us... Priceless confusion. :)
3. The hilarity that was my husband, including his fast peddling when we all stopped and the fact that he told me later there was a "mystery shot" that happened. Loved when I saw this photo. Yes, yes there was.
4. Just this entire group in general.
The fact that our "outfits" were so random (Thank you Brian)
And that we had so FUNNY laughs!
5. The fact that it was noon on a Saturday and we were the CRAZIEST group of wackos in St Paul!

Steph... I think we mastered the "thumbs up" shot... (She was the best bartender EVER, and yes, I am wearing a helmet!)

 There are about 300 more photos of this whole wacka-doodle day! Loved it! Can't wait to hire D-Box and the Pedal Pub Twin Cities for my next party... Hmm... Now I just need a good theme!


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  1. That looks like SO much fun!
    I love that you added my button! I've just added your button to my blog. :)

  2. That looks like SO much fun!! I've done the pedal pub once, but it would have been WAY better with a Top Gun theme!

  3. that looks like a blast! I wish we had pedal pubs in my area!

    Stopping by from the Weekend Shenanigans link-up :-)

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  4. LOVE IT!!!!! Yes, the thumbs up everywhere. I can't put them away.