Thirty Before Thirty

1. Run a 5K (almost!!) and YEP!
2.Go on a pedal pub with friends (see it here)
3. Visit at least 30 States in the USA (I am at 19 20 so far) WA
4. Go on a Roadtrip out West with the hubby
5.See the Grand Canyon
6. Go to Canada for the first time
7. Try splitboarding
8. Learn how to knit – and make myself a scarf
9.Volunteer for charities in at least these categories: Animals (here & here), Cancer, Child Protection, Environment, Human Rights, Hunger, Literacy, Senior Citizen, and Women’s Rights
10. Hike up a mountain – or close to the top at least (HERE!)
11. Attend dance classes with my friends – hip hop anyone?
12. Go to yoga everyday for 1 month straight
13. Try 5 foods I thought I would hate - #1Complete, #2Complete
14. Jump the wake on a wakeboard at the cabin
15. Go to Harry Potter World in Florida
16. Do yoga on the beach in Costa Rica or Hawaii
17. Re-learn French conversationally (Rosetta Stone?) & read a novel in French
18. Go on a family vacation with the Wilson’s and the Sells’ families
19. See the Beatles LOVE show
20. Go to an outdoor music festival
21. Brew my own beer
22. Do a Detox cleanse for 1 week or more…
23. Throw pieces on a pottery wheel
24. Go to a Fall apple orchard
25. Take cooking classes with friends
26. Learn how to play tennis
27. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
28. Have a vegetable garden – or at least grow tomatoes and herbs!
29. Get my Master’s Degree
30. Relearn to play the guitar or piano

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