Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gratitude - Seattle and the PNW!!

I am so excited to share some amazing photos from what was an AMAZING trip out to Seattle last week. My husband calls this his "happy place" as two of his best friends, one of our ushers and our best man, live out there. We had perfect sunny 70's weather and quite the adventure!
Brady has been out there at least 5 times already but always in the winter to go snowboarding/avalanche training/splitboarding, etc in the mountains.
So, this was such a great time for us to enjoy the PNW ("Pacific Northwest") for the first time in the summer together!!
The trip started on a great note when the awesome Delta flight attendant gave us 4 vodkas and 2 cans of Bloody mix for free on our flight out.
Then we spend our first night downtown Seattle at the gorgeous Sheraton in a king suite!
Thursday we got our Seattle coffee and ventured through the incredible Pike Place Market finding treasures and seeing right away some great fish tossing... Seen here:

From the top left:
1. Us excited to get a vacation together on the plane!
2. Our amazing view flying through the Cascades - looking at Glacier Peak
3. Excited for the free booze!!!
4. In Pike Place Market - some stunning pottery from the nicest lady!
5. Amazing Seattle coffee to start the day
6. Brady stopping to smell the fresh lavender at the Market
7. fresh produce for miles there!
8. Just one of THOUSANDS of amazing flowers
9. Our gift to Kristina and Colin for letting us crash for 3 nights! Fresh market flowers! AND my bute hubby volunteering to carry the bouquet. :)
Time for a little bit on my two favories furry friends - Cody and Ella. Our friends, Colin and Kristina's dogs.
Cody is a loveable, silly German Shorthaired Pointer - he likes to crawl all over you, play with his toys and cuddle.
Ella is the adorable Weimeriner. She has a funniest attitude and literally sucks on her blankies.
1. Brady's Pike Place purchase - a custom belt and handmade buckle!
2. I loved the guys singing and throwing the fish!!!
3. So cool and busy in the market
4. the amazing Space Needle
5. drinks at Copacabano next to the Market on the patio
6. A cool and iconic shot of the PPM
7. view of Seattle from the Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle where we ate lunch
8. Brady and I on the Observatory Deck of the Needle
9. Lunch at the spinning Sky City restaurant - WHAT A VIEW!
1. Our sweet boat, Black Fish One, for our Anacortes Whale Watching expedition!
2. Some of the orchas we saw!! So amazing
3. Hubz and I on the boat
4. At the Aiki Pier looking over the Sound at Seattle
5. MY FIRST ferry ride to Vashon Island!
6. Our AMAZING group!
7. Brady and Cody playing
8. Frey and his totum pole...
9. First glimpse of Mt Rainier from the Ferry! I was excited (obviously!)
1. The amazing difference between a steel city "tree" sculpture and the wilderness tree of the Olympic Mts!
2. Brady and I on the rooftop of Colin's building - Rainier in the back
3. Cody tuckered out on the couch.
4. Brade and I hiking to Marmot Pass in the Olympic National Forest
5-9. Hiking, hiking, hiking! AMAZING views! We did 10.6 miles and climbed 3,500 ft!

These photos don't even do this trip justice! It was an amazing experience and my love affair with the PNW will be present forever. My "wanderlust" was so prevelant on this trip.
So grateful for travel, friends, the beauty in the world, nature, sunshine and happiness!


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  1. Those hiking pictures are GORGEOUS. Glad you are home though :)

  2. This looks like SOOOO much fun!!!