Friday, May 31, 2013

Dan Henig - You are GOOD!

Happy Friday! I was shown this guy's Youtube video last night and just cracked up! Now, I am obsessed and have watched all of his cover videos. This guy - so talented!! Dan Henig, you should be famous.
Here are a couple of my fav covers! (Beware - language is explicit (wear headphone at work ;))

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well, THIS is FUN! Liebster Award

I am having one of those - holy crap holy crap - crazy ASS days! And then, a bright spot in my day. My good friend, Steph, nominated me for a funny blogger award. I don't really even pretend to understand what the heck I am supposed to do, but hey, I will answer these fun questions! :) I apologize if I am breaking the rules or somethin.. Here you go folksies. 

Ps - Here is a gem of my friend, Steph. She is fun. 

11 questions to answer:

1. What is your drink of choice? This is a toughie. I am known to suck down a few Strongbows or Honey Weiss beers like water. BUT in honor of my nominator and what I hope will be happening in less than an hour, I will go with 24 oz Strawbarita cans? (A photo follow up will happen my friends). 

2. What is your guilty pleasure? I would say vampires. I am obsessed with Twilight, Vampire Diaries and of course, True Blood. I am a junkie. I have read all of these series' books as well as anything else my "fang-lover/twi-hard/team dalena" self can find. That and trashy romance novels. Oh, and maybe half of my DVR right now. My husband would be embarassed. lol

3. What is your favorite time of day? Happy hour.

4. What blogger makes you laugh every single day? That would be 100% Miss Gregermeen aka Steph @ Insert Classy Here. Wanna know why? See Exhibit A above in the photo.

5. We are at a karaoke bar and I'm forcing you to sing a song, what would it be? This would be a toss up between my prior go-to favorite, Friends in Low Places (this has happened at a little college bar called Blarney's in Mpls with my brother while we were slightly horribly intoxicated...whoops) OR Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. It has also been a recent fav to belt out in embarassing public places. 
I have also been known to rap Notorious Thugs by Biggie in the past (evidence here

6. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Probably distracting myself to do this while at work. I really enjoy procrastination. This aides in that :)

7. Name your go-to comfort food (or other comfort item.) Pizza. Or chocolate (says as she stuffs a Fudge Stripe cookie in mouth) 

8. You're stranded on Gilligan's Island, what 3 people would you want with you? My husband, and my dogs. (Dogs are people right?) Haha. My husband is pretty much MacGyver so I am sure it would be like a family vacation. (He slept in his tent last weekend at my cabin for fun in the yard... I was in a queen bed with the pups. This wasnt the first time either. HAHA)

9.  Star Wars, Star Trek or Star Magazine? Ooohh... Tough one. I love ALL of the Star Wars movies, but I just watched both of the new Star Trek movies and I have to say they are pretty amazing. Plus, my Dad growing up was a total trekie and totally "taped" any episode so he wouldn't miss one. So, I will go with that. 

10. What is your favorite thing about your hometown? Leinenkugel's Brewery. (here ya go)

11. What is your favorite color? GREEN - any darn shade at all. Why? "like the colors of Craig's eyes... and money." haha I hope someone gets that reference (movie hint!)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

(#2) Top Gun Pedal Pub

Hey Justin! Thanks for being born and turning 30. Thanks for having an awesome wife who plans a surprise 30th Birthday party on a pedal pub. And for making it Top Gun-themed.
That rocked my socks!
AND!! I just completed #2 on my "30 before 30" list! Yahoo!
This was definitely in the "DANGER ZONE" for TOO much fun! So, I will just try and post some of my favorite photos from this hilarious 2-hour experience.
Top 5 Fav Moments:
1. Our driver, Destiny, was AWESOME ("D-Box" -- not "Chow-Box", J!!)
2. Justin, when you came into the apt and saw us... Priceless confusion. :)
3. The hilarity that was my husband, including his fast peddling when we all stopped and the fact that he told me later there was a "mystery shot" that happened. Loved when I saw this photo. Yes, yes there was.
4. Just this entire group in general.
The fact that our "outfits" were so random (Thank you Brian)
And that we had so FUNNY laughs!
5. The fact that it was noon on a Saturday and we were the CRAZIEST group of wackos in St Paul!

Steph... I think we mastered the "thumbs up" shot... (She was the best bartender EVER, and yes, I am wearing a helmet!)

 There are about 300 more photos of this whole wacka-doodle day! Loved it! Can't wait to hire D-Box and the Pedal Pub Twin Cities for my next party... Hmm... Now I just need a good theme!


Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, May 24, 2013

Michael Jackson Tribute Show!

CHEERS to the freakin' weekend!
Last night was the Michael Jackson Legacy show at SteppingStone Theatre in St. Paul. My parents, my brother and my 7 year-old nephew, Jack, and I went.
It was a BLAST!
Jack showed up in his MJ best... his "BAD" necklace, his "Smooth Criminal" fedora, and his "Beat It" red leather jacket I got him for his birthday in April.
We met my parents for dinner at Billy's on Grand (oh the college memories haha) and then walked the couple blocks to the theater. It was general admission and they wouldn't let us take photos during the performance, but it was SO GOOD!
Jack knew every single song within the first couple beats. LC Jackson is a local impersonator that travels around full-time doing these theatre productions.
He is authentic down to the same exact Florsheim loafers and pursing his lips like MJ.
Here are some photos of him from his website
Jack LOVED it! We LOVED it. It was so much fun to sing along to all of our favorite songs! :)
Two favorite moments from the show... 1. When I snuck a video of nothing but still got the sound to send Steph from "Man in The Mirror" a nice little flashback to MT and our dance party...
2. During Thriller when the zombies came into the audience and scared the shit out of us and the screaming teens in the row ahead of us. I almost peed myself ;)
In honor of this FUN night with my family, my "Back That Azz Up" music will be a tribute to my FAV songs from the King of Pop!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I like this Link Up. Here are few things I am loving about today!
1. Yesterday, I posted about a Zach Sobiech and his inpirational story (here) - Well, I just found out his song, "Clouds," just surpassed Justin Timberlake, Macklemore, Pink and Daft Punk to be
 #1 on iTunes!!!
That is just SO cool. A story about him here
I am also loving that it's almost Memorial Day Weekend which means a LOT of fun things:
2.  I am taking my parents and my 7 year old nephew to a Michael Jackson Tribute Show tomorrow evening at a local theatre. Jack is OBSESSED with MJ. He knows more dance moves and songs than I do at this point. I am so excited for him to love it. Here is a promo for this show:

3. It's my friends' Steph, Kinzie, Justin AND Caroline's birthday this week!!
LOVE YOU ALL - Can't wait to celebrate with you :)

4. I get to FINALLY go to my cabin and even if the weather is shit, I will be with my family for raking, drinking, and games!!
(Photo taken from my yard at my cabin. Silver Lake is heaven.)
5. My final thing I am LOVING right now are my GOOFY puppy children.
This is Griffin "wearing" my Havianas.
Dashel with a bone hiding in his mouth. Making sure noone could take it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thoughts for Today

This has been a powerful and emotional start to the week. Actually, back up, I had an emotional weekend as well.
On Saturday we went to my big brother's overdue housewarming party (he bought his house in December, haha). But the weather was finally right, so we grabbed the pups and headed to his house for some games and grilling. The  pups loved the yard and the sunshine.

The best surpise ever? My aunt Diane came AND my Uncle Mike. Both are my godparents and I haven't seen my Uncle since Christmas. He was diagnosed about a year or two ago with a rare form of lukemia (less than 2,000 cases) so his treatment has been tough, to put it lightly. I will back up... for a few years, when he was healthy, he would make each of the grandkids a custom "bags" set. If you have ever played this game, it is also called "cornhole." My brother and my cousins have received beautiful hand-painted and custom wood sets with various designs, like Vikings, Twins, and even my brother's which is Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"-themed.
About a year ago, Mikey asked Brady and me what design we would like for ours as our wedding gift. We thought a Twins Baseball design would be really cool. Or the "Leinenkugel's" logo for my hometown brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI. But that design was pretty intricate, so we told him to just choose whatever one was easier. Well, it's been 8 months since our wedding and with his health, I didn't think he was working on them... I mean, he has been in the hospital for the better part of a year already.
So to see him on Saturday was a present enough but then, our "gift" gets carried into the backyard. And then the tears started...
 This is SO special. The whole set has our wedding date as the "est" date on the set. Mike custom-made a "Leinie Lodge" carrying case. It has a custom wood score board and holders for beverages! And matching bags ready to go! Just unbelievable. It is truly a work of art from a VERY special man.
We got a few photos including this big one of my whole family. Proud moment. :)

As if the day couldn't get better, we ventured Sat evening over to Woodbury to celebrate Brady's sister's 10 year wedding anniversary! WOW! Congrats Bria and BJ!
My nephews were adorable per usual! Kohan's 6th birthday (white shirt) was on Sunday so we gave him his present - "a digital watch just like his gym teacher!" haha. I guess he wore it to bed that night! :)
I tried Halibut for the first time too - DELICIOUS!
 Just a BEAUTIFUL family!!!
On Monday, I got to work to hear some pretty tragic news that Zach Sobiech had past away. If you don't know anything about him, he is a local Mpls kid who was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 14 in 2008. In July of 2012, the doctors told him they were out of treatment options for his rare form of osteosarcoma, and he maybe had a year.
So, Zach did not sulk. He celebrated life each and everyday. And pursued his dreams of writing and singing music. With the help of my company, Hubbard Broadcasting, Zach recorded his first song, "Clouds." This "good bye" song is now the #1 Amazon download for the singer/songwriter category.
His Youtube video we created at work has now over 2 million views. Celebs and people everywhere have become SO moved and inspired by his strength and message. I love one of his quotes:
"You don't have to find out you are dying to start living."
I was fortunate enough to meet him and hear him play this song back in December at a staff luncheon. He was as nice and wonderful as he seems in this song. Also, Soul Pancake (ppl who are behind the Kid President and more) produced this documentary towards the end of his life. It'll make you ball.
"My Last Days" Video:
And one of my FAVS: A Celebrity video message to Zach with a lot of famous peeps showing their love and admiration to Zach.
My heart aches for both Zach's family and friends as well as the people affected by the tragic tornado in Oklahoma. I hope everyone is able to get through all of this sadness and live each day to the fullest. Something I have to remind myself each and every day.

Friday, May 17, 2013


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Happy Friday! Letters and Jams

Steph at Insert Classy Here - You have the best link ups. Thanks for being so cool and letting me be your shadow. :) Love you and our awesome HH last night. Your mom is AWESOME!


Dear Griffin - aka GriffyPants. I love you little man. You are 17 weeks today. And 33 lbs. And you were SUPER annoying this morning when you were terrorizing your brother, the yard, me, my couch... BUT I seriously am in love with you. You are growing up SO fast. from 6lbs to 33lbs in 11 weeks pal. WOW!


Dear Dashel - Thank you for being the most patient and amazing first born puppy. I love you more and more each day and your ability to be the gentle giant with your hyper little brother is unbelievable. You are my lazy 100lb lap dog and make me smile when I wake up with you spawled across the bed.

Dear Emily, Cory and baby Cohen - Thank you for making my Wednesday evening PERFECT! I love you guys and this little man gives me baby fever! Thanks for being awe-inspiring parents and amazing friends. Cohen - I love that you were wearing the "Locally Grown" onesie we bought you little monkey man. You are precious and I can't wait to watch you grow up!
Oh and you and your Daddy are ADORABLE!
Dear Jack - You are an awesome nephew bud! I miss you a LOT. I am so excited to see you tomorrow and also for our Michael Jackson theatre show datenight next Thursday! I love that you are my mini-me and had so much fun in Harry Potter World. I can't wait to go myself and take you with me!

Dear Kline Nissan - I love you guys. As a customer, I am so happy I bought my car from you guys. And as a partner for business and marketing, you guys are a DREAM client! I am glad our business meetings accomplish very little business and we end up laughing the whole time! And your approach to "pet customer service" makes me happy!!

Dear Minnesota - I am proud of you this week. The passing of this marriage law is SO awesome! Thanks for being a state with people and people running the show that I can be proud of! Oh, and the weather has been better too!
And not to forget, my FAVORITE thing about Fridays - - Time for my daily JAM! This pumps me UP and is my favorite song for the traffic I will inevidably be stuck in after work today. :)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rave Run and other Weekend Happenin's

I haven't had time to catch up and post since a VERY fun and busy weekend. So I will try to do that here...
Ps - It's 8 months today that Brady and I got married!
 WOW! Pretty much every month on the 15th I forget to post anything so I am glad I rememebered today. I married an amazing man and I am SO PROUD to call him my best friend and my husband!!

This past weekend was a BLAST!

Friday night - I participated in my first real "race"! It was exciting and pretty good time. My friends being there made it though, as the Rave Run was pretty unorganized. I am a little sad it wasn't the full "5k" but I am SO stoked to know I can definitely accomplish a longer race in the future.

The rest of our fun and busy weekend FLEW by! Lots of fun friend time and family time for Mother's Day! Took my parents to Pizza Luce - their first time ever! So yummy and fun!

On Saturday evening, Brady and I went to Anthony Bourdain "No Guts No Glory' show at the State Theatre! He is SUCH a bad ass and it was awesome to get a unfiltered 2 hour story time with him :) 

my 10.5 month old nephew Karson trying to figure out this whole "walking thing"

On Monday, I bought my FIRST real "commuter" bike - a Trek 7.3 Fx hybrid. I feel like KINDA a big deal now... Already got two rides in :) 


AND the best part? It's SUMMERtime in MN! I am loving this warm and even hot weather! No complaints from me!! :) Bring on the heat! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day and First Race!

I feel like every week - it's 3pm on Friday and I am itching for it to be the weekend! This weekend is event FULL!
I am excited to be running my first 5k - well now it's a little less than that - 2.5 mile race tonight at Valley Fair called the "Rave Run." A glow in the dark race... Ok. I can DO this!  
Tomrrow I am working at an event for work - National Train Day at Union Depot in St. Paul. The radio station I work for has hilarious talent on the air. I came up with this gem and edited it (on my iPhone for reelz!) for the occasion. I am excited to work at this fun event and see thousands of people all jazzed up for trains. :)

Also, I have been listening to this amazing Spotify playlist all week - without headphones. Surprisingly, I have had no complaints from my co-workers. In fact, many have been singing along to this "Package Tour" inspired playlist from Steph.
A couple of my boy bands FAVs on the list...
YAY! Have a happy weekend and happiest of Mother's Day to everyone out there. I am SO blessed with the best Mom and BONUS Mom with my awesome mother in law. Love these two SO much!!
right after our wedding ceremony :)

having too much fun at my bachelorette party!
My best friend and heart and soul - LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!