Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rave Run and other Weekend Happenin's

I haven't had time to catch up and post since a VERY fun and busy weekend. So I will try to do that here...
Ps - It's 8 months today that Brady and I got married!
 WOW! Pretty much every month on the 15th I forget to post anything so I am glad I rememebered today. I married an amazing man and I am SO PROUD to call him my best friend and my husband!!

This past weekend was a BLAST!

Friday night - I participated in my first real "race"! It was exciting and pretty good time. My friends being there made it though, as the Rave Run was pretty unorganized. I am a little sad it wasn't the full "5k" but I am SO stoked to know I can definitely accomplish a longer race in the future.

The rest of our fun and busy weekend FLEW by! Lots of fun friend time and family time for Mother's Day! Took my parents to Pizza Luce - their first time ever! So yummy and fun!

On Saturday evening, Brady and I went to Anthony Bourdain "No Guts No Glory' show at the State Theatre! He is SUCH a bad ass and it was awesome to get a unfiltered 2 hour story time with him :) 

my 10.5 month old nephew Karson trying to figure out this whole "walking thing"

On Monday, I bought my FIRST real "commuter" bike - a Trek 7.3 Fx hybrid. I feel like KINDA a big deal now... Already got two rides in :) 


AND the best part? It's SUMMERtime in MN! I am loving this warm and even hot weather! No complaints from me!! :) Bring on the heat! 

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