Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday - Concert Time!

Let it be known, it is MAY 3rd. AND it snowed today.
The radio station I work at decided to make it a funny ironic day... So we played Christmas bumpers all day and gave away shopping gift cards to a local mall for people to "do their Christmas shopping."
I am SO excited for tonight as I am going to a FUN concert with two of my besties! I am excited for drinks and some great music. :)
Ben Rector and Alpha Rev. Both bands are SO good - and I know per usual I will probably love them more after seeing them live too.
Also - tomorrow it will be drizzling and 33 degress at 8am when we are hauling our pups out for the Walk for Animals. That's real love folks! :) But it will be blast with all of our friends and their fur-babies. I am so excited!
Looking forward to a FUN weekend.
This week - I am grateful for:
1. Discovering "Snapchat" and friends with funny senses of humor.
2. Heated Car Seats. when you refuse to take out your winter coat even though it's snowing. Why? Because it's MAY people. MAY.
3. My husband. Last night it was later than 9pm when I realized we were out of milk...after I poured my Fruit Loops. So he ran to the store AND came back with more goodies like animal crackers and strawberry popsicles. (Yes I snack like a 5 yr old).
4. Girlfriends. I love them. Mine are so special and this week I got to see a lot of them - including many I will see this weekend. My girlfriends have my heart and soul!!
5. My puppy babies. Dash and Griffin are so hilarious. I have one dog with expressive human eyebrows and one with a head tilt that WILL make you feel like you have food on your face. He's that good. :) But they are my children and I am unapologetically obsessed with them.

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