Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day and First Race!

I feel like every week - it's 3pm on Friday and I am itching for it to be the weekend! This weekend is event FULL!
I am excited to be running my first 5k - well now it's a little less than that - 2.5 mile race tonight at Valley Fair called the "Rave Run." A glow in the dark race... Ok. I can DO this!  
Tomrrow I am working at an event for work - National Train Day at Union Depot in St. Paul. The radio station I work for has hilarious talent on the air. I came up with this gem and edited it (on my iPhone for reelz!) for the occasion. I am excited to work at this fun event and see thousands of people all jazzed up for trains. :)

Also, I have been listening to this amazing Spotify playlist all week - without headphones. Surprisingly, I have had no complaints from my co-workers. In fact, many have been singing along to this "Package Tour" inspired playlist from Steph.
A couple of my boy bands FAVs on the list...
YAY! Have a happy weekend and happiest of Mother's Day to everyone out there. I am SO blessed with the best Mom and BONUS Mom with my awesome mother in law. Love these two SO much!!
right after our wedding ceremony :)

having too much fun at my bachelorette party!
My best friend and heart and soul - LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!

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