Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I like this Link Up. Here are few things I am loving about today!
1. Yesterday, I posted about a Zach Sobiech and his inpirational story (here) - Well, I just found out his song, "Clouds," just surpassed Justin Timberlake, Macklemore, Pink and Daft Punk to be
 #1 on iTunes!!!
That is just SO cool. A story about him here
I am also loving that it's almost Memorial Day Weekend which means a LOT of fun things:
2.  I am taking my parents and my 7 year old nephew to a Michael Jackson Tribute Show tomorrow evening at a local theatre. Jack is OBSESSED with MJ. He knows more dance moves and songs than I do at this point. I am so excited for him to love it. Here is a promo for this show:

3. It's my friends' Steph, Kinzie, Justin AND Caroline's birthday this week!!
LOVE YOU ALL - Can't wait to celebrate with you :)

4. I get to FINALLY go to my cabin and even if the weather is shit, I will be with my family for raking, drinking, and games!!
(Photo taken from my yard at my cabin. Silver Lake is heaven.)
5. My final thing I am LOVING right now are my GOOFY puppy children.
This is Griffin "wearing" my Havianas.
Dashel with a bone hiding in his mouth. Making sure noone could take it.

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