Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday! Letters and Jams

Steph at Insert Classy Here - You have the best link ups. Thanks for being so cool and letting me be your shadow. :) Love you and our awesome HH last night. Your mom is AWESOME!


Dear Griffin - aka GriffyPants. I love you little man. You are 17 weeks today. And 33 lbs. And you were SUPER annoying this morning when you were terrorizing your brother, the yard, me, my couch... BUT I seriously am in love with you. You are growing up SO fast. from 6lbs to 33lbs in 11 weeks pal. WOW!


Dear Dashel - Thank you for being the most patient and amazing first born puppy. I love you more and more each day and your ability to be the gentle giant with your hyper little brother is unbelievable. You are my lazy 100lb lap dog and make me smile when I wake up with you spawled across the bed.

Dear Emily, Cory and baby Cohen - Thank you for making my Wednesday evening PERFECT! I love you guys and this little man gives me baby fever! Thanks for being awe-inspiring parents and amazing friends. Cohen - I love that you were wearing the "Locally Grown" onesie we bought you little monkey man. You are precious and I can't wait to watch you grow up!
Oh and you and your Daddy are ADORABLE!
Dear Jack - You are an awesome nephew bud! I miss you a LOT. I am so excited to see you tomorrow and also for our Michael Jackson theatre show datenight next Thursday! I love that you are my mini-me and had so much fun in Harry Potter World. I can't wait to go myself and take you with me!

Dear Kline Nissan - I love you guys. As a customer, I am so happy I bought my car from you guys. And as a partner for business and marketing, you guys are a DREAM client! I am glad our business meetings accomplish very little business and we end up laughing the whole time! And your approach to "pet customer service" makes me happy!!

Dear Minnesota - I am proud of you this week. The passing of this marriage law is SO awesome! Thanks for being a state with people and people running the show that I can be proud of! Oh, and the weather has been better too!
And not to forget, my FAVORITE thing about Fridays - - Time for my daily JAM! This pumps me UP and is my favorite song for the traffic I will inevidably be stuck in after work today. :)



  1. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all.

  2. Nawwwwww cute pups :) Hope you had a great weekend