Monday, February 18, 2013

#13.1 Trying "Pho" for the First Time

da da da DA!!! I have officially crossed off an item on my 30 Before 30 List! This is just 1/5 of the task at hand though, but I am STILL excited!
Task at hand #13 = "Try 5 foods I thought I would hate."

Turns out, it is easier than I thought since I am a fairly picky eater... I have gotten extremely better over the last few years, but still I am not one to branch out of my comfort zone. So, for months, my co-worker and friend, Mike, has been trying to convince me to try "pho" at his favorite Vietnamese restaurant by the U called Bona. Usually when we go there for lunch, I stuff my face with their delicious cream cheese wontons and get a boring chicken and rice dish.

BUT, since this list has inspired my blog or my blog has inspired this list... (chicken or egg?) I decided to give "pho" a whirl.

In case anyone reading this is just as picky as me - here is a little 'ol definition of "Pho:"
Phở (About this sound listen) is a Vietnamese dish consisting of broth, noodles made from rice, a few herbs, and meat.[1] It is a popular street dish,[2] and the specialty of several restaurant chains. The two main varieties are chicken pho and beef pho. There is also Saigon-style pho (sweetened) and Hanoi-style pho (no sugar). The word "pho" may be derived from French pot-au-feu (beef stew).[
- It sounds fairly simple - so I gave it a whirl. I will say that the broth was VERY sweet with some Asian zing. I thought the chicken and hoisin sauce with the dish were very good. The noodles were good but pretty bland. The fact that I don't really eat beef at all anymore probably made the fact that it was "beef stock" not the best.

my Pho dish at Bona
Final Verdict: 5/10 - I probably would try it again somewhere else to get another experience of Pho. But, I may not be a new Pho addict. I am still proud of myself though for trying! :)
proud of myself for my "Pho Adventure"!!

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  1. Hey Kelsey! I just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I just started one as well and am having so much fun reading about what other people are doing. I'm creating my 30 before 30 list too...I love the idea! I had pho for the first time recently too...I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would! Anyway, my blog is, hope to see you there!