Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunshine and VEGGIE BURGERS!!! (13.2)

happy monday Tuesday! (What happens when you forget to finish your post)...

 I feel slightly like i have been hit by a bus. This past weekend has been the first time Mpls has hit the 70's in sooooo long, it was the first Spring/Summer weekend in over 7 months i think?

So, of course, I spent the ENTIRE weekend outside! First time my feet have been dirty and sore from flip flops in TOO long!

Friday, Saturday AND Sunday = GRILL OUTS!!
Friday was a spectacular little grill out with my hubby cooking up some pork chops, salad and amazing red potatoes!
Check out this spread!
Dash and Griff also enjoyed the sunshine - playing and fighting over their tennis balls in the yard...
On Saturday, Brady went camping with our friend, Brian, and took Dash along for the adventure. It was the first "Griffy-Mommy Day" and we took advantage.
First we went for a ride in Brian's HOT Infiniti with the sunroof open and cruised over to The Gregerson's for grillout #2 :)
Griff and Lola - their little rat terrier once again proved there is such thing as real love. See Steph's post here about their lovefest: Insert Classy Here
Griff did awesome over there. He chilled on my lap and got treats with Lola and Quincy too!
One thing I AM SO EXCITED about is a NEW food I tried and LOVED!
For those who are new, I started this blog to document my "Thirty Before Thiry" and one of my #s is to try 5 foods I thought I would hate.. and yes, I am a picky eater, so veggie burgers definitely qualify.
This one was a gem! I am so proud of myself and also glad I have friends that feed me when I come over empty handed ;)
J grilled up some MorningStar Griller's Choice Prime - and I was BLOWN away!
Yay for a good weekend and double YAY for veggie burgers!


  1. Soon you will be a VEGETARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. HAHA - to be decided. I may be a vegetarian PLUS bacon. Is there a name for that? lol I can't give up mah bacon! ;)