Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring, where are you??? The Weekend Recap

This sums up April in Minnesota..

Snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain, ice... 
Seriously, where are you SPRING!?

Anyways -- despite this awful weather, I had a wonderful weekend. Here it is - all summed up for ya! :)

Friday - We FINALLY got over to see our favorite new parents and friends, Emily and Cory and their little "muffin man" Cohen. I can't believe he is almost 4 months old!! They got to meet little Griffin who is the exact same size as their little dog, Bertie - the coolest sweetest one-eyed Cockapoo EVER! I missed that fluff ball. Even though it was snowing, a fenced in yard is pretty awesome for the pups. :)

Me and little Cohen. Look at that POUT!! Melt my heart. 

Saturday morning, the dogs wanted to go for a walk since it was literally the only 3 hours of sunshine in days... Griffin is getting SO big! He is 23.5 lbs this morning!!! 

On a second note, Griffin has succeeded in making it onto the bed... He uses his "orthopedic" dog bed as a spring and Dash has nowhere to hide during Griff's psycho playtime. 
Don't let the sleepy boys fool you, they have destroyed my bed. lol 

Ps - Has anyone heard of Vine? Well, it's my new obsession. It's like Instagram for videos. You can make them as random or funny as you want. They are 6 seconds long and play on a loop. Here are some of my awful attempts from Saturday. 
Note: I started drinking during Brady and my HUGE spring cleaning day -- Derrick and Lacey stopped over to meet Griffin, and we got the day started... early. Haha. 

Here are some Vine Videos... 

"Wresting"... They are OBSESSED with that ball.

"Ducks" on a walk on Saturday through Loring Park

Saturday night we had dinner at Nami with my coworker Kim and her husband Tim "the Siegels." See how excited Brady was for the picture?

After some sake and sushi, we then ventured to North Loop Wine & Spirits for my other coworker's 30th Birthday, Mike Gale.
Ps on Friday afternoon, his little peanut, Isaac stopped by work. Such a cutie!

This wraps up the "2 Hour Beer Tasting Event" -- we were a little wild. And yes, Kim, brought her own Belvedere and olives. Classy. 

And the best Vine video so far... "I think these people are too classy for me" -- Kim.

Sunday - 6am wake up call. Feeling awesome... NOT. Haha. But we ventured in the snow, yes snow, to Woodbury for our oldest nephew, Carter's, First Communion. He was so cute and proud. I can't believe how big these boys are. 
Brady's only sister has 4 boys 7 yrs old and younger... Cater, Kohan, Cameron and baby Karson. 
They all melt my HEART! 

Don't you agree they should be putting this baby in Gap ads?! UGH - that face. Karson - i love him!! 

Anyways -- THIS is a long "Weekend Run Down" but what a fun-filled time it was :)


  1. Dammit. Now I need to play with Vine... just another ridiculous obsession.

    1. Oh, Steph... You will LOVE it. It is hilarious. Wait til I show you my awful, I mean awesome videos... besides the ones on my blog. HAHA