Friday, April 12, 2013

Jambox - "Back that Azz Up Fridays!"

Has anyone ever heard of a Jambox? (You three readers you? - HAHA) Well I never had before...

Brady and I received a surprise in the mail a couple weeks ago - Whoop! It was a belated wedding gift from his parents' friends. The card said "Hope you guys can use this - Jamboxes are great!"

Lemme tell ya - this little 5inch contraption is simple to use - even I could figure it out - it uses either your USB, headphones or bluetooth to amplify your music LOUD! And it has a 10 hour chargable battery so you can take it to the beach, the cabin, etc. :) And it is made of rubber so it can be set on anything to absorb the vibrations. Niceeee.

Anywhoo, in honor of "Back That Azz Up Fridays" - I am looking forward to heading home from work - ignoring the AWFUL April snow outside - and cranking up my Jambox REAL loud with a Longboard Lager in hand.. pictured here from our Honeymoon in Maui....

And I am going to CRANK this song for my neato friend, Steph (Insert Classy Here) as we just  jammed out on the"Jambox" during last weekend's Adult Drinking Games "Goodnight" Fest in Elk River, MN (aka the Boonies)
And Steph...
Thanks for learning the whole dance routine for my wedding. That is one of the many reasons I love you. :)

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  1. So, I just saw this and it MADE MY DAY! I made Justin watch that part of Something Borrowed in our hotel this weekend. He was not super amused. Let's hang this week.