Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend SHE-Nans.

I am so ready for Spring... So much so that I forced myself to be outside as much as possible this past weekend hoping to will Spring to show it's face. To be honest, I am ready to bypass Spring and get right to Summer.
I am craving:
- My cabin
- The radio turned up loud to "Classic Rock GMO" station from small town WI my Dad loves
- Dogs running around - Dash obviously being obsessed with his ball and annoying everyone until they throw it repeatedly for him into the lake.
- A Leinie's in a bottle coozie starting before noon
- My husband and brother's obsession with fires, cutting wood, and general pyro-like behavior
- My Mom and Dad putzing around with chores all weekend until I finally convince them to have a beer and RELAX in my favorite place in the entire world... Silver Lake in Siren, WI.


Okay. Wow. Tangent much?
Back to my "Link Up" for my Weekend Shenanigan's:

Friday - I was home with a Leinie's Canoe Paddler in my hand before you could say "TGIF". The Gregermeen's came over for a night of drinking, swearing at March Madness, bongo drum jam sessions, Bedouin Soundclash, introducing Griffin to Gonzo, our neighbor's kitty (shoulda taken a photo - damn!) and Overboard with Steph. Basically, we just sat on our computer in the kitchen blogging and stalking. It was awesome, per usual.

Saturday was my favorite morning so far with our new baby, Griffin who is growing WAY too fast - already 16lbs (that's like a half pound a day!) - cuteness pictured here:

He slept in with me and cuddled on the couch all morning while Brady was at work! Dash cuddled too and I think is teaching Griff the way to be a "Sells" puppy.
Saturday Brady and I also ventured to Zantigo's for lunch for yummy tacos!
Saturday night we celebrated Brady's good friend Blake aka Shady's 28th Birthday at Joe's Crab Shack. The bibs and their captions were PRICELESS. Shady is a pretty good sport and didn't mind dancing around the packed restaurant as the "Crab Fairy"!
We also watched "This is Forty" together that night just relaxing at home with some good wine. All in all a FUN weekend.
Sunday was our breakfast ritual with Brian at The Bad Waitress followed up by my solo shopping date to Express (obsessed- eep!) and a much-needed car wash while the boys went to Gander Mountain.
I love Sunday's when it's not super cold - took the pups on a walk, watched our Sunday Night SHOWTIME shows - aka Shameless, House of Lies and Californication.
Cheers to a GOOD weekend!!

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  1. your puppy is ADORABLE! I am dying for spring too, it feels like it will never get here!

    stopping by from the Weekend Shenanigans linkup :-)

    - Val @