Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Newest Addition to the Family!

First off, I need to keep up with this whole blogging thing! Definitely realized I haven't blogged in a while so I am going to try and keep at it better.

Although the point of this blog was to chronicle my "Thirty Before Thirty" achievements, I need to post about the BEST surprise I should have had on my list! Brady and I adopted a puppy from a local rescue last week!!!

Meet: Griffin Chadwick Sells
Born on January 11th, 2013
He is an Australian Shepherd/ Golden Retriever Mix
We rescued him from Second Hand Hounds - This awesome organization in the Cities that does SO much for animals and saving them. Griffin (called Forrest online) and his siblings were in Mom's belly in Lousiana when "Sophie" the Mom was going to be killed. SHH went down  to save and transport pregnant Mama back to MN. On the way, 7 puppies were born! All of them were adorable and shared either the Labrador or Australian Shepherd coloring.
These are pics I found on FB through the resue. Sophie is SO cute! The arrows point to our baby, Griffin!
After I found the listing for Griffin "Forrest" and his siblings online, I started the long process of convincing Brady that we NEEDED to adopt him. I filled out the application for him, and didn't even realize until the Foster Mom contacted me that this litter was a HOT ticket. Our application was the 5th one received in less than 12 hours of posting the litter. The Foster lived in Mankato, and told us that we shouldn't waste our time and gas that night unless she called that he was still available.
8:00pm that night, Griffin's two brothers were pending adoptions, but he was still available.
After an hour in the car, and 30 mins of meeting him and cuddling with him, we spent the rest of the night and with NO sleep, deciding what to do.
At 8:15am the next morning with no concrete decision, I drove to work. Seconds in the car, I got a call from Brady saying "I think we should get him!"
Once we decided, the Rescue did a vet check, reference check, and a home visit with a volunteer to make sure we were legit. We were approved and told we could pick Griffin up from his required neuter appt on Sat March 9th in Owatonna. He was 8 weeks old and we now have him, he is healing right up from his surgeries (he also had to get a hernia repaired that they found). He is hilarious, and has the funniest personality. He is picking up potty training and crate training pretty well.
The best teacher, his big brother Dashel, is getting used to him too. Griff just LOVES Dash... as you can see here.


Dashel says "cheeseeeessee"
Griffin doing AWESOME on his first walk! He followed exactly what Dash did :)
Here is a good one - the playful and sleepy sides of Griffin!



  1. OMG I am dying, he is SOO cute! And he's a mix of two of my favorite breeds..he's going to be one good looking dog!

  2. I LOVE THAT PUPPY!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have puppy play time with him on Thursday!