Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obsessing over right MEOW!

Toby's Tails

For my Thursday Thoughts, I am going to focus on where my thoughts are at the moment... Not on my workload in front of me (as they probably should be) but on SUMMER and warmth and sunshine. I am so DONE with winter. I have a closet full of new spring and summer clothes ready to be worn. So in honor of these dresses and sandals, etc. I am going to put up some things I Am OBSESSED with right now :)
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1. Button Shirts in Bright colors! I love love love these Portofino shirts too from Express - I have them in 4 colors.. oops!
2. Organization.. yes i am desperately attempting to organize my life at work and our tiny condo. I wish I could have this kind of storage!!
3. Pic Monkey. My good friend Steph introduced me to this gem of a website. I am now obsessive about editing photos. And creating collages like the one on this post.
4. MINT! everything in my wardrobe, nails, jewelry. I am OBSESSED. This Essie color is actually more turquoise but I love it all the same. 
5. Christian Louboutins... Ahhh a girl can dream right? I would take a REAL pair in any style. I want to badly to overpay for that damn red sole. haha #sorryimsnotsorry
6. Fishtails and messy braids.. Now that summer is hopefully actually happening in MN i am sooo excited for messy hair -- which is where I get too lazy to dry my hair so I hang my head out the window on the way to work. :) Love me some added funk a braid/fishtail.
7. Nude!! I love nude and black, nude and white, and like this photo - nude and turquoise. I cant wait to pull it off with a fresh summer tan and not pasty winter skin ;)
8. Hawaii - I am - it feels like - the only person I know who didnt get a "warm weather" vacation this year... when we REALLY needed one. This pic is of my hubby in Maui. TAKE ME BACK!! 

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  1. I love wearing my hair in messy braids. I really hope to be able to have a summer. It feels that it has finally arrived.