Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Fur Baby Boys

What a fun link up today! I am going to take inspiration from my friend Steph and get to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" with my two little men.
Meet Dashel Xavier Sells...
aka Dash, Dashy, Bash, Dash Bash, Dashman, Bashel, Big Pooper
The Good:
1. Dash is the abolsute sweetest dog on the planet. He is the cuddle with you when you are sick, lay by you when you are scared, lick your face when you need it kinda boy.
2. He has the cutest, most expressive eyebrows EVER and it literally makes people wonder if he is a human and understands your thoughts.
3. He also "smiles" and people on the street will think there is a 100 lb lab walking down the street, SMILING!
The Bad:
1. My Dashel baby boy is also just that - a baby - and tends to express himself verbally with whining. Sometimes he is a genious and it means "Mom, I gotta go pee," but other times it is for a reason completely unknown. On the other side though, he is SO cute when you get home as he "whine greets" you with a wiggling tail and tells you "stories" about his day.
2. The vet tends to call him "big boned" but basically our 100 lb boy is a little on the heavy side during the winter so he can always stand to lose a couple... BUT hey, so can Mom! lol
3. Dash is an amazing watch dog but sometimes his thunderous bark can be at friends, so we have to tell him to calm down and stop growling/barking at his friends and family!
In Lieu of Ugly - I will go with "The Quirky"...
1. This big boy is a COUCH/BED dog... and he loves to go on his back and do his "roll" and sleep like that for hours. Upside down. Legs in the air. Overbite. It is priceless. Sometimes I wake up and think Brady is in bed, but nope it's Dash. Sleeping like a human.

Meet Griffin Chadwick Sells
aka: Griffy, Griff, Griff Pants, Grifferson, G Baby
The Good:
1. This little 15 week old man is our little blessing. We rescued him from a local shelter at 8 weeks (see post here: Meet Griffin)
He is a FAST learner and potty training, walking and sitting have been a BREEZE!
2. Griffin is a funny little boy too. He looks at you like a little human like he really understands you! And it is SO funny when he watches TV!
3. Griffy is also the sweetest when he snuggles up - sleeping Griff is the best. He lets you hold him while he snores quietly. Ugh, this one is my little baby.
The Bad:
1. Griffin is a puppy so there are some things to work on... Like biting us, his brother, the rug, etc. But he is a good listener so hopefully that will be a phase LOL
2. Griffin also is a little barker when it's time for his kennel during the day. I have even taken to "Go Pro" filming his barking to find out poor Dash has to listen to him whine and bark while we are at work.
3. He doesnt really understand boundaries yet. AKA trying to jump in the shower, licking the toilet..while you are on it! haha. Chewing on your sweat pants strings. Licking your eyes, hair, mouth, teeth, LOL pretty much anything...
In Lieu of Ugly - I will go with "The Quirky"...
1. One of the cutest moments with Griffin is when he is sleeping -- he positions that kids find himself in crack us up. He will be on his back on the couch stretched out with his head hanging upside down off of the couch -- like THAT is comfy? Just a nut.

Basically these two boys have my heart. My first borns. My fur babies. My life is complete with them :) Wouldn't have it any other way!

Paws To Claws From California To Kansas


  1. I love your dogs more than a normal person should. So happy that Lola & Griff are off to such a good start.

  2. Aww, they are adorable. I'm ready for a 2nd puppy...i think. My parents have a lab mix that huge and does the exact same sleeping on his back thing. its so funny.

    also just wanted to let you know, your a no-reply comment blogger (its a preset on blogger but you can fix it if you want) once you fix it people can respond back to the comments you leave via email. http://ncbelleinboots.blogspot.com/2013/01/i-wanna-reply-but-your-no-reply.html

  3. Another lab!!!

    Your dogs are just precious! And I love that they were part of your wedding day! SO sweet. We didn't get our dog till 6 months after...I think they'll be a part of our anniversary shoot haha

  4. Love your fur babies!! Don't you just love being surrounded by all "your boys?"
    Your blog is adorable!

  5. You're Griffin looks a lot like my Winston. Your dogs are so cute.

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