Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Travel Tuesdays - Boston & Hawaii

What a horrific day yesterday... my heart goes out to all in Boston and all over the world as the marathon brought people from all over. My great-aunt qualified for the B.M. this year as she is a rockstar at the age of 73!

Here is a story about her and my uncle (The Bunks) and their running legacy I'd say. Sadly, my uncle Tom is battling cancer right now so she decided not to run in the Marathon this year. Just such a tough day...

One of my fav photos circulating though after this tragedy is a wonderful quote from Mr Rogers :) It makes my heart a little bit happy after such an awful act.

I am going to get this post on the positive side and update a photo for my Travel Tuesdays link up.
Please take me back to Maui. We honeymooned there last September and it was honestly the best vacation I have ever been on. And the first one just Brady and I took together. We did EVERYTHING!
- zip lined, paddle boarded, went to a luau, swam in the ocean, drove in our awesome Wrangler "Big Red" on the Road to Hana, saw the sunrise atop the Haleakala crater volcano (just stunning!).... I never wanted to come home.
If you ever want to take a fun trip without a passport needed, Hawaii is UNDERrated for how amazing it is.

Helene in Between


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, Hawaii is on my list...in fact I'm thinking about a trip there in October! Any pointers?? That rock with the heart is so cool!

    Congrats on getting married...last September! :)

    1. Hi Christelle!

      Thanks for the comment! :) OMG Hawaii is amazing. We spend an entire week on Maui, and I loved it as I heard it's less crazy busy than on Oahu, although any island in Hawaii is going to be perfect for you!
      If you go to Maui, stay on the West side in like Lahaina or Kaanapali Beach - there are a ton of hotels and Lahaina is the coolest little town. There are two islands off of Maui (Lanai'i and Moloka'i) and they provide spectacular photos. And the SUNSETS!
      The "heart" rock is at the Nakalele Blowhole on the North side of Maui, this natural water blowhole went like 100 ft in the air when we were there. It's a fun hike too!
      You will have amazing weather in October too!
      If you decide on Maui, go up to the top of Haleakala early in your trip as it's like a 2am wake up and 2 hour drive (switchbacks mostly) to go from zero to 10,000 ft up. But, my god it's worth it. On a day like we had, you see the sunrise on this volcano crater on TOP of the clouds. Haleakala means " House of the Sun" and you will be able to see why! :) It was one of the best experiences of my life. BRING WARM CLOTHES! It's like 40 degress up there!

      Okay wow - sorry for the LONG response. I seriously am going to devote a full post to Hawaii and my tips when I have some time! :)
      Thanks for checking out my blog!!


  2. Awesome story about your aunt and uncle! They are the type of people I'd like to be someday :)

    1. Thanks so much Katie! You are such a rockstar yogi, I am sure you will! I am running my very first 5k on May 10th for the Rave Run (check one off my 30 before 30) and I am SUPER nervous.
      I stopped going to Corepower by the way, do you have any local recommendations for a good place to get a similar workout that isn't so $$??
      Ps - my best friend, Anastasia, just completed her Power TT at CPY! :) YAY!!