Monday, June 10, 2013

It's MAH Birthday!!

Happy Monday to everyone! I am at work, which sucks, cuz it's my birthday today! I am still struggling from a FUN but crazy wedding weekend with a LOT of driving, but I am still excited for my birthday!
Here is a little gem of me at Perkins at 3am after the wedding.. Steph captured it well. I am weird.
Tonight we are hanging out with a few friends to go to my favorite Mexican joint, Pancho Villa. They have amazing food AND it just so happens two for one's on margs and beers! :) I am also quite positive that I get to drink for free on my birthday! This restaurant is right by our condo and is so much fun in the summer (whereever that is) to sit on the patio with the pups too!
Backing up to this past weekend, WHAT a blast! The Duluth wedding was a little chilly but SO beautiful and fun. I definitely can see why my husband loves Duluth and his HUGE "UMD" crew reminded me that nope, I am not in college anymore so Perkins at 3am WILL make you feel still like death in the morning... hehe.
Here are some of my favs from this weekend!
1. Silver Lake - my happy place at my cabin. We dropped the pups off with my parents and I woke up Saturday morning to some sunshine. So I enjoyed a cup of coffee on my dock. I love this mug too!
2. HELLO Duluth! - This is the view from our hotel room. I haven't been to Duluth in YEARS since I dated Brady the first time in high school. It was sunny out here but still only 50 degrees. Notice the (our guess) the Canadians at the pool... crazy...
3. Brady and I got into town and went to Little Angies in Canal Park for lunch and some yummy margaritas to set the base for the crazy evening.
4. My partner in crime, Steph, and I getting jacked up for the wedding.
5. Steph's photo cred. I loved this shot of the ceremony at the Glensheen Mansion (note: You cannot chew gum inside..haha.
6. My hottie husband and I at the wedding
7. Such a unique and beautiful layout for the ceremony. Congrats Mike and Jess!!!
8. LOVE these ladies! We had so much fun together!
9. This was the start of the madness at dinner when my husband may or may not have spilt candle wax all over his suit and his friends attempted to help him "clean up." Insert your own joke here...

PS - I had to add this little GEM of a video that Steph took of me prior to the wedding but not prior to a few beers in the hotel room... whoopsies! :)


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  1. RJ's all around. I have 61 pictures that did not make it on the blog but I was crying laughing last night when I wrote my post. HAPPY freaking birthday. Can't wait to see you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. happy birthday! I am new here and did what my fav blogger Steph told me to and checked out your blog. Glad I did! PS I want your hair! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like a great weekend. I want a lake house or beach house soooo bad. Looks beautiful!

  4. Coming over from Steph's blog! Happy birthday!